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How website design affects page traffic

A good website goes a long way in increasing its traffic. Webpage traffic refers to the number of people that visit a site, and the more significant it is, the higher the brand visibility. The traffic that a website gets is affected by how it is designed. With the increased competition of website design Singapore firms select top designers for optimum results.

The website traffic is created by its layout and content. If the design is not simple, user friendly and to the point, customers may lose interest in it. Complicated designs could cause the loss of a potential client.

It is best to keep in mind that an average consumer stays on a website for 30-40 seconds before losing interest, thus slow loading times may cause them to leave the site prematurely.

The look of a product has a significant impact on consumers. A good layout captures the visitor’s attention, and unique placementsact as a good marketing strategy. With limited interaction with the actual product, digital visibility and aesthetics become paramount.

The key to increasing traffic is by attracting customers. Desirable website features include a short content length broken into pages, with easy access to information.

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